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Friday, November 14, 2008

What Happened to Glenn Noland?

Dear Ms McHugh,

Please let me introduce myself, my name is Stephen and I am a 3 and a half year old poodle golden retrieve cross. As a dog I have been finding it difficult to find gainful employment. Which is why I was so excited when Mr. Noland contacted me about the Financial Services Representative position.

It was refreshing that Mr. Noland was able to get past the fact that I am a dog and see my true potential. I happen to agree with Mr. Noland’s belief that I would be a great fit at your organization.

Glenn is certainly a man who can spot talent. In addition to what is on my resume I recently ran a successful election campaign to capture throw away votes, nationwide . I managed to get over 714 votes and even managed to almost win a selectman’s seat in Baxter Iowa. I was barely nudged out by Mr. Yelp.

I have contacted Mr. Noland several times about setting up my interview and have yet to receive a response. I know he is a very important man but I also know that he has integrity and would not ignore my emails unless something was terribly wrong.

Please let tell me what is wrong with Glenn. Glenn was one of the first people to recognize my potential and treat my like a human. Glenn never got caught up on the fact that I am a dog. In the short time that I have know Glenn I feel that he has been like a mentor to me. True we have only exchanged a few emails but I know Glenn has been rooting for me to become a member of the team.

Most people just pat me on the head and tell me to go on my way but Glenn offered me the chance to come in and interview. Since I have not heard from Glenn I can only assume the worst. While I am deeply saddened by this I feel that in order to honor Glenn’s memory I need to continue my personal journey and come in for the interview. I would like to fulfill Glenn’s vision and become a Financial Services Representative. This is the best way I can thing of to honor such a great man.

Currently my schedule is pretty flexible I have doggie daycare on Wednesday’s but outside of that I don’t have any firm commitments. Please let me know when you can fit me into your schedule. I would love to discuss the Financial Service Representative position with you as well as share some of my memories of Glenn.

I look forward to meeting you.



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