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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Trip to Detroit Where to stay

Stephen the Dog
14 Bark Drive
BoneTown PA 13458

April 27, 2008

Guest Services
Hyatt Regency Dearborn
600 Town Center Drive,
Dearborn, Michigan, USA 48126-2793
Tel: +1 313 593 1234 Fax: +1 313 593 3366

Dear Wonderful folks at Hyatt,

My name is Stephen I am a 3 year old golden retriever/Poodle cross. That is right I am a dog fortunately I am a very well behaved dog. I am even a certified canine good citizen, I can provide the certificate if you like.

Anyway I am looking to come to the Detroit area to conduct some weather experiments. I have been corresponding with Mayor Kilpatrick about these experiments. He has been very good about encouraging me to do my experiments in the Detroit area. In fact I have yet to hear a negative work from him. You guys in Detroit as lucky to have Mayor who encourages experimentation. Don’t worry I don’t want to do any experiments in your hotel. I have already done all my experiments on a micro scale and am looking to come to Detroit to do some full scale experiments.

While I am in the area I would like to stay at your fine hotel. I asked my R, that is the lady who feeds me, what the best hotel was and she said “The Hyatt of course”. I love the fact that you guys not only leave a mint on the pillow but provide a complementary milkshake bar in the lobby. Man I love milkshakes.

I travel with my own bed, it is a nice round dog bed from L.L. Bean and it is very comfortable. Since I will be bringing my own bed I will not need the sheets in my room changed. I will be fine with the same sheets all week. I know that you can save millions of gallons of water by not washing sheets and I want to help the planet.

When I check in I will go to the front desk and check in with my people. However after I originally check in I would like to use the back stairs for the rest of my stay. I am a very lovable dog and people are always stopping to pet me. Usually I love the attention but on this trip it is all about the weather experiments so I need to stay focused. I am sure you can understand as you probably deal with many celebrities. I would be willing to sign autographs on Saturday night after dinner, perhaps by the pool. You do allow dogs in your pool right? I ran into some issues at the Hilton apparently they think dogs should not be in the pool. Don’t worry I always take a shower before I swim and I don’t shed.

Do you have any availability the in July? My schedule is pretty open but I do need to get this trip in before the end of the summer. Please let me know what week works best for you. I would prefer a suite but a single room would work if that is all you have. I would like to check in on a Saturday night and check out the next Sunday.

I look am looking forward to staying at the Hyatt and meeting your world class staff. While my experiments will be occurring downtown your staff is certainly welcome to observe.


Stephen The Dog


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