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Friday, April 4, 2008

My A needs to trust people more

It has been a while since I have posted anything here. Sorry I know there are a ton of you people who live for nothing more that to hear my words of wisdom and insights on the world. Sorry I have been having trouble finding the time to write and My A and R went on vacation.

They have been back a few days and I have been working hard to ignore my A as much as possible. How can that guy go away for a week and leave me. Come on I am super cute. I wonder if he plays fetch with another dog when he goes away. Maybe if I played fetch he might not leave. I guess I will never know since I can’t bring myself to play fetch is it just such a stupid game.

I would have let you all know I was going away on vacation but my A would not let me. He says the internet is full of freaks and weirdoes and we don’t need to be telling everyone the house on 22 bark street will be empty for the week. Come on these people are too interested in Goth dating to get out of their houses never mind come over to mine and steal stuff. My bones are buried too well any way.

My A needs to trust people more. In an effort to help him with this I am going perform the following demonstration.

I am going to post my A’s social security number and prove that all you people are nice and no one is going to steal his identity. OK my A’s social security number is 033-47-2214. I remember it cause I had to use to get that home equity loan I am using to finance “NUT Silo II” Good thing my A does not really read things too much or I might be in trouble for doing that.

Anyway this should go a long way towards showing my A how safe the internet really is.
After a month when My A’s identity has not been stolen perhaps he will realize that the internet is a safe community to meet people and exchange ideas instead of a cesspool filled with freaks and pedophiles.


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