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Monday, April 28, 2008

Welcome Home

As you all know last week was April Vacation from school. Unfortunately I don’t go to school and both my A and R work so it was the same old routine here. You know how it goes get up, eat breakfast, sleep, enjoy alone time, write some letters. Not very exciting.

The people across the street from me did go away for the week. Normally this would be sad because they are fun to play with. A couple of weeks ago they got a new swing set. It is a really cool wooden one from creative play things with a slide, and even a plank with a rope you can climb up. It is super cool. The slide is really fast.

Well I figured since no one was home I better get over there and make sure no one was staking out the place trying to steal the swing set. There has been a rash of swing set thefts lately and I did not want it to happen in my neighborhood.

I spent a lot of time over there watching the swing set. As you know being a dog I have trouble making money so I figure I will just send them a bill when they get back. For 80hrs of guard dog duty I am going to ask $65 that seems more than fair. I would charge more but I will admit that I played on the swing set a little bit while I was over there. Wow that slide is fast.

E your swing set is safe and sound in your back yard please make the check payable to “Stephen the Dog guard dog services LLC”. I formed the LLC to protect myself legally I am a dog but I am not going to lose my house. My A always says “Don’t you dare refinance your car and if you are going to do business make sure you form an LLC”
Words of wisdom from a guy who is obsessed with fetch. My A is really smart but I don’t understand the fascination with the game of fetch, I just don’t get it.

I can’t wait until some more of my neighbors go on vacation. There is a motorcycle that needs guarding and Sparky’s refrigerator is always full of food that would definitely be a target for robbers.


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