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Friday, May 2, 2008

Come on now

As the number on Dog ODDer in the country there is a disturbing trend I need to tell you about. Paid Keyword Blogging
Have you ever been reading a Blog and realize you are getting interesting in what you are reading. You being to focus then all of a sudden the blog goes off on a tangent and the next thing you know there is a hyperlink in there to some site selling gas grills or such.

I find this annoying I start to sympathize with these people and care about what they have to say then bang they try to sell me something. Come on you can’t make up a story about how said it was when you cat died and use it to sell kitty litter. Have some respect.

Sure my ODD (online digital diary) has some ads in it. I call it an ODD because blog is such a stupid term and I don’t want to be labeled a blogger. However when I sell out I make it obvious. Sure I am black but do you really think I know the best dating site for African Americans? I couldn’t case less, I don’t date but I did enjoy the $5 I got for writing that. I am a dog I need money and there are not many good paying dog jobs out there. So from time to time I need to sell out. If an advertiser is dumb enough to pay a dog to write for him then so be it. I will take the money.

I make this pledge to you if I am writing an ad you will know it is an add. Ever you Jimmie63 will be able to tell. I know all the time you have spent in you Mom’s basement searching the internet for Porn and taking whippets makes you a little slow but even you will know when I am writing an ad. Don’t worry I will not trick you into buying an epi-lady or a pocket fisherman.

Come on you bloggers how dumb do you think we are. If I read an entry which has no links and all of a sudden there is a link to some lame site selling sneakers I am not going to buy sneakers and I am pretty sure you did not. Sure advertisers are pumping money into your pockets, but is it worth it? What is your sole worth to you $5? $10? $15? I am not saying I would never sell out but I am sure as heck not going to sell out for $5. Come I can and do steal at least $5 per week out of my A’s wallet. He should really stop leaving it on the table.

If you are going to write an ad write an ad don’t write a story and just dump in a key word. I no longer want to hear about how you went to the store with your best friend Jenny to get new pants because Jenny was sad about losing her pet salamander but instead of going to the store you ended up a buying a waffle iron It is just annoying. It makes me wonder if Jenny really lost her salamander. It is so sad to realize that Jenny probably never even had a salamander. Worse yet she probably does not like salamanders. Is there even a Jenny? JENNY!!

I pride myself on my ODD. I love and nurture it in the hopes it will grow to the point that eventually I will be able to crush all the idiotic sheep running around the internet. Take a stance people . Stand up, don’t be sheep, be yourself write what you want. I probably don’t want to read it anyway but at least you will be original while serving me burgers on my way to a ski trip.


At May 4, 2008 at 4:28:00 PM EST , Anonymous Anonymous said...


You have a great ODD, and I'm a big fan.

You recently asked about my stance on leash laws. I grew up raising Goldens just like Stephen's mom. Back then we had leash laws but ignored them with bliss. We also had a lot more land for the dogs so leash laws were a moot point, as it were.

Nowadays my 'new' family has slightly (okay, significantly) less land so the leash is a necessary evil, at least when there are other peoples around. Otherwise A.J.'s allowed to run off leash as long as he doesn't wander too far.


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