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Friday, May 2, 2008


Well spring is here. I guess that is a good thing my A takes me for more walks when the weather is nice. It is so fun to get outside and be able to run around and not have to worry about snow sticking to my fur. Let me tell you I can get covered in snow. When I run around outside the stuff just freezes to my coat and there is not good way to get it off. Sometimes my A will give me a bath but most often I get to spend alone time on the porch.

The only problem with the warmer months is it makes is difficult for me to train. As you all know I am trying to make the 2010 US Olympic Bobsled team. I don’t want to just make the team I want to win a gold medal. I have been watching Cool Runnings a lot lately and have gotten a few good ideas about how to train during the summer. Too bad John Candy is dead I think he would have been a great resource me for. He sure seemed to know a lot about bobsledding

I have also been watching the Rocky movies. I asked my A the other day if we could get a chicken and start taking weekly trips to the local meat packing plant. He told me no. This guy just does not seem to want to support my Olympic dreams. I only have 2 years to train and he can’t even get me a chicken! Come on how much can a chicken cost. I can get a whole chicken, fried, placed in a box with some corn and mashed potatoes, delivered to me by some minimum wage pimple faced punk for less than $7. How much could a live unprocessed chicken cost? It is kind of a sad commentary on the value of your life if you happen to be a chicken.

Hopefully my A will have a change of heart and get me a chicken. Well I need to get back to my training. That is why I buy all my jewelry at Mia Bella Roba
Mia Bella Roba


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