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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Joey's Birthday Recap

Whew I am finally recovered from Joey’s birthday. Man what a night. We both got out around 1:30, it took me a little longer than expected to knock out the invisible fence.

Once we were out we headed over to Mr. Mailbox’s. Joey pooped on the porch 1st while I played lookout it was his birthday so it’s only fair that he go first. After I pooped on the porch we rang the bell and ran to hide in the bushes. Mr. Mailbox can out in these silly pink bunny pajamas and some green frog slippers. Boy do I wish I never saw that. The image is still burned in my brain. It was so funny to watch him looking around and not see anyone. Once he went back inside we took some mail and shredded it in his yard.

The Postal carrier agreed to give us some of his mail. She knows he is crazy so she helped up out. Having Fort Knox for a mailbox doesn’t help buddy if the guy delivering the gold is willing to sell you out. I am sure there is a life lesson in there somewhere.

After Mr. Mailbox’s we meet up with Clyde and Fenway to hit the swamp. If you ever are going to a swamp be sure to take Fenway that dog knows how to get dirt. I drank a ton of swamp water, man that stuff is good for some reason I am always thirsty. We even had time to chase some frogs. Joey was lucky enough to catch one but we could not decide what to do with it so we let it go.

After the swamp we were all covered with mud so we hit Fenway’s pool for a quick swim. It was tough getting the ladder down but Clyde was able to jump up and grab it with his teeth on only the 3rd try. Hopefully Fenway won’t get into too much trouble for the pool brown. Maybe Fenway’s C won’t even notice.

It was a really long but fun night. I think Joeys had fun. We all got him some pretty sweet presents. I got him a Nintendo DS with some of my internet money.


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