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Monday, November 24, 2008

I got a hair cut



Yesterday my A dropped me off to get a hair cut. Now I know you are all thinking gee Stephen that does not sound too bad. Well you are sorely mistaken. In case you have not noticed I am completely covered with hair which means it takes forever to get my hair cut. That is not even the worst part when you get done with your haircut they lock you in this little cage till your A comes and picks you up. Do you know I was the last one to get picked up?

I don’t know what the deal with my A was but he took forever to pick me up. I bet he was off taking a walk or something. I really think he should stay and wait with me while I get my hair cut. Seriously I spend more time sitting in the car waiting for him and I never complain and he can’t even wait till for me while I get my hair cut.

Hopefully this new haircut will improve my job prospects. I am thinking of heading down to the mall and seeing if they have a need for a holiday dog. With all the political correctness I imagine malls will want to get rid of Santa and replace him with something less Christian. Well that is where I come in being a half golden retriever half poodle I am completely non denominational. So come down to the mall and get your picture taken with Stephen The Non Denominational Holiday dog. I am only going to charge $10/photo.

Finally please take a moment and look out your window. Are you Christmas lights up? You better hope they are not. We are coming up on Thanksgiving unless you are a Turkey please focus on the present Holiday and don’t skip ahead. On Friday you can go ahead and put up your Christmas decorations but until then lets respect the sacrifice those millions of turkeys are making and focus our attention on Thanksgiving.


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