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Thursday, June 28, 2007


People are always Stephen you are so popular and have so many friends how do you do it? Well there is really no secret I am outgoing charismatic and darn good looking. Well ok there is one secret I actively cultivate friendships at FriendFinder.

That is right I meet a ton of interesting people on this site from all walks of life. It is super easy. There is no cost to sign up and the site is full of cool features. Friend Finder lets you create your own blog, so people know what you are all about. I already have my own blog but if I did not this would be an attractive feature. They also allow for you to socialize in chat rooms.

Personally I like the chat rooms, talking to people and making friends is a heck of a lot more fun than watching Dr Phil all day.

Did you know that there are almost two million members on
FriendFinder If you can’t find one person out of 2 million you can get along with maybe you should move to Siberia. Just kidding but that is a ton of people.

This is a really cool site for meeting people. Check it out, throw up a profile and soon you will be as popular as me. Hey! Don’t sell yourself short you are probably more popular than me already but this site will allow you to expand your horizons. Imagine if you could meet 2 million people all at once and only talk to those you like. Well this is your chance. Take a look there are friends out there and is there to help you make them.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Soda-Club Contest


As you know I am a dog and unfortunately there are not a lot of contests open to me. It was really sad when Ed McMahon and his prize patrol showed up and asked for Stephen. They had the balloons and everything. According to Ed you have to be a person to win the Publisher Clearing house sweepstakes. Who knew? I don’t know how I am going to pay for all of those magazines.

I am very excited about this contest, not only am I allowed to enter, but the prize is awesome. Who doesn’t need a Soda-Club soda machine?

Soda-Club has a ton of great flavors you can make and they are way healthier than store bought soda. I don’t really drink a lot of soda but I also don’t have a Soda-Club home soda machine. Coincidence?

The concept is pretty simple you put some water into the Soda-Club bottle, add some flavoring and then press a level and it carbonates the water. Whammo refreshing soda in any flavor you choose for a fraction of the price of store bought soda. Man you people are so lucky, there are tons of great flavors out there for you. As for me well there are not a lot of dog friendly soda flavors out there which is why I need a Soda-Club home Soda machine. I am thinking instead of adding the normal flavorings I will add beef bullion cubes and make some awesome dog soda for me and my pals. I wrote Pepsi a letter a while back and they were not interested in beef flavored dog soda so I guess it is up to me to start a grass roots effort. I am sure my pal Joey will help, we could even open up a Soda-Club soda stand at the end of my driveway. Joey has pretty decent business sense, for a Labrador retriever.

I really hope you will consider me for the soda machine. Today my A and I went to Norman’s house to help open the pool as I was drinking out of the pool I kept dreaming of how great it would be to have my own soda machine. If I have my own soda machine I would not have to drink green pool water anymore.

If I win I intend to spread the word about how cool the Soda-Clubhome soda machine is. It seems to me that Soda-Club is a company that is about to take off and as we all know every successful company out there has a dog helping them out. Old Navy has Magic, Taco Bell has that little Chihuahua and who could forget Spuds MacKenzie from Budweiser.

I believe in this product and right now I have free time. Soda-Club even if I don’t win I would be willing to consider helping you out by becoming the official Soda-Club dog. Every good club needs a dog.

Well thanks for letting me enter I contest I am keeping my paws crossed.
Please vote for me at

Complete Product Family

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The SB^3 Era has opened

SB^3 was awesome I had a ton of fun and hopefully all those who came enjoyed themselves. For all of those who could not make it man you missed a good time I feel sorry for you. Drew took a ton of SB^3 photos and I will put a few up as soon as I get them from him.

I really can not describe SB^3 here basically you were either there or you were not. It is one of those you had to be there things. I think it is really the difference between watching the moon landing and being Neil Armstrong.

For those of you who were not able to make SB^3 I do have some good news for you SB^3 II is coming, that is right there will be and SB^3 II. I have already begun the planning for SB^3 II. If anyone has suggestions please send them to me stephenthedog (at) gmail (dot)com. So far Joey’s K has told me we need more skateboards and C would like video games. Trust me right now I know it is unimaginable but SB^3 II will be even better than SB^3.

We are 3 days into the SB^3 era I am excited moving forward. For everyone who was wondering there has been no definitive answer on the how to pronounce SB^3 so I am deciding. There are two acceptable pronunciations S B cube, which I prefer, and S B three either is acceptable. Just be aware that if you do choose the SB three pronunciation, you are basically telling everyone you have more of and artistic background and less of science and engineer background.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

SB^3 is tomorrow

Woo Hoo it is almost here I am so excited. I can hardly wait. I just hope it stops raining soon

Spy Sweeper

I am not a real fan of the internet. The internet could be really cool but unfortunately it is full or porn, spyware and viruses which make it a lot less fun that in could be. Fortunately there is SPY SWEEPER.


Spy Sweeper is the most viable option out there for removing spyware. I really hate spyware it used to be that your computer was your own. However today you have to constantly worry about if something has invaded your computer and taken it over.

What is your computer doing in the background? Is it sending out spam or collecting your credit card information for some Russian crime ring? Do you really know? Webroot Spy Sweeper can tell you if you have spyware or not and even remove it. Removing spyware will not only give you peace of mind but will make you computer run faster.

Right now you can save $10 on
Spy Sweeper
Do us both a favor and check out Spy Sweeper. How can you go wrong with the most award winning antispyware software on the market.

Monday, June 4, 2007

WW 1/2

Dear Mr. Runner,

I know we have had our differences and we seem to be on total opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of running theory. In an effort to understand you and where you are coming from I have been listening to you podcast for the last couple weeks.

I have free time and it is better than Oprah. Before that goes to your head that is not really saying too much. Oprah is responsible for the plague upon the land that is Dr Phil. I am a dog and not a Dr and I can definitely come up with better advice than that quack. Either you want to help people or you want to get ratings. It seems that Dr Phil has sold out, not that he was really starting great to begin with . At least Jerry Springer is not telling you he was the mayor of Cincinnati to up his ratings. Yes he sold out, yes his TV is crap but he does not pretend it is anything but crap. Dr. Phil pretends he is an actual helping people but really all he is doing is using people to chase ratings. Dr. Phil is definitely on a downhill spiral I can’t wait till he is emceeing trailer park openings.

Today I signed up for the World Wide half couch to 5k. That is right I am gonna run it Mr. Runner. Dogs are allowed right? I know some people have weird hang ups about dogs, Mr. Mailbox for one. I guess I should check Mr. Runner will I be allowed to run the WW1/2?

I don’t want another McDonald’s incident. I tired to go get a Big Mac and was told they did not allow dogs in the store. That is a lie they allow service dogs so why not me. What does a service dog have on me? Sure they have jobs and might have a little more formal schooling so what. I am a certified canine good citizen. Is it the practice of McDonalds to discriminate against the unemployed and uneducated? I spent some time hanging around outside and this did not seem to be the case. They have no problem letting me go through the drive though and when the window kid messes up my change I am polite so why can’t I go inside? I could probably even do a better job working the drive through than Timmy.

This is just wrong where is Rosa Parks or Dr. Martin Luther King when I need them? Those were great leaders who did a lot for society. I just want to be treated fairly.

Mr. Runner please let me know if I can run the WW1/2 5k. I am a dog with a global presence and would like to take part in this global event. Do you have a special category for dogs?

Please get back to me ASAP I would like to start training tomorrow. I have already signed up
check out entrant #122

I chose the couch to 5k because I like to sleep on the couch I have a dog bet but I prefer the couch. This should make it easier because when I wake up I am already on the couch and just have to do the 5k.


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