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Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I am a pretty local dog. I don’t travel much. I have been to Cape Hatteras but outside of that I really don’t stray to far from home. The reason for this is that I don’t like to fly. I love to ride in a car but flying is not fun.

I know there are some people who don’t really like to fly but it is way worse for a dog. We have to ride in these little boxes in the cargo hold. It is very noisy down there and you can’t even get a window seat and you though coach was bad. Basically it is dark noisy, very scary and you get tossed around by those baggage handlers. For this reason I don’t travel much.
The other day I mentioned that the I liked the 1st half of the movie Cujo. I was looking through some pictures my A took in Bonaire and I found the dog that played Cujo. Yup the dog that played Cujo is happily retired in Bonaire.

My A was only able to get a picture of him from the car because he was not sure what would happen if he got out. My A ended up driving around the block 4 times to get a good shot of Cujo.

Cujo really likes chasing cars, when you drive past his house he comes running out barking and drooling. It is quite an intimidating sight to see him at full speed with saliva flying everywhere. I wish I could look that scary. I have been working on my scary face but I have not mastered it yet. You can really tell that Cujo had some acting classes because his scary face is awesome.

If you are ever in Bonaire be sure to stop by and say Hi to Cujo in between dives. Oh yeah and check out the mixed Grill for 2 Casablanca. That thing is like 2 steaks, 2 whole chickens, a ton a sausages, some pork chops, some ribs. I think it costs $22 but there is at least $30 worth of meat in there. You really need to check it out of you get the chance. If you can finish it on your own I will guarantee you a Stephen award.

Monday, January 29, 2007


I have been thinking a lot lately. I have free time on my hands and my people lock my in the house when they go to work. I am starting to think they should just leave the door open take off my invisible fence collar and give me the run of the neighborhood. I would be home by 5pm. It is not like I am asking for my own car or anything, at least not yet but my birthday is coming up soon.

So anyway Drew has gone ahead and tagged me whatever that means. Apparently tagging something internet geeks do. Kind of like those chain mail emails that everyone forwarded a few years back. You remember, forward this email to 10 friends and you will have good luck if you don’t your car will be sat on by an elephant. Blah Blah Blah it is all just social engineering, someone must think this stuff is fun but it sure as heck is not me. Come on I am a dog I like to chew stuff and bury things and even I don’t find chain email interesting. I am locked in a house all day and I still have better things to do with my time than to forward useless email to people. Fortunately I don’t own a car. On the other hand I apparently have been selected to help the deposed Prince of a small African nation get some money out of the country. I am going to get like 15% of 300 million dollars. I can’t wait that should pay off the seatbelt incident nicely, it should also give me enough money to put in a pool. I just need to send over my bank account numbers so they can do the wire transfer. My A is going to be so proud.

After Drew came through for my R and I with the Wii I feel like I owe him so I am going to answer his silly questions. I am supposed to pick 10 movies 5 or my favorites and 5 guilty pleasures. Here we go

Stephen Favorites

1) Far from home, the adventures of Yellow Dog
2) Homeward Bound the incredible Journey
3) White Fang
4) Chips the War Dog
5) The 1st half of Kujo

Guilty Pleasures

1) Milo and Otis
2) Benji
3) Snow Dogs
4) Lady and the Tramp
5) The Shaggy dog (the original not the crappy remake with Tim Allen)

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


My A is back from Dallas woo hoo. I missed him. It is so nice to have him back.
It was his birthday while he was gone so my R and I have been working on getting him an awesome gift.
Well we succeeded we ended up getting him a Nintendo wii. We needed from help from Drew Http:// Drew actually got a WII and gave it to My R and I so we could give it to my A for his birthday. Huge thanks and lots of tail wags Drew. You are welcome to cover over and play anytime. My R and I had been looking everywhere for a wii and were pretty much resigned to the fact that we were not going to find on in time. Drew however fell on his sword and made the ultimate sacrifice and we were able to get the wii for my A.
The Wii is really cool, it has motion activated controllers. You don’t really have to press the buttons much which makes it much easier for me to play. I can just pick up the controller in my mouth and move my head around. I don’t have opposable thumbs like you people out there, so the motion activated controller is a big plus for me. Now I am just waiting until Lassie’s agility challenge comes out. That game is going to rock. I am also looking forward to Frisbee dog frenzy.

Thursday, January 18, 2007


I found this picture from my A and R’s trip to Bonaire. It is a Donkey walking down the street. I wish we had donkeys here. I bet they would be easier to catch than the silly dear the run through my yard. If I had a donkey I would definitely ride it all the time. How could would it be to see me riding my donkey down the street it would sure make my walks much more fun.

Does anyone know where I can get a donkey around here? Can I order one from Bonaire apparently they have a surplus.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Snow in Texas!!

I talked to my A today. Yeah I have a cell phone. Are you surprised I have a web site after all. He said it snowed last night it Texas. What is the deal with that. I thought Texas was supposed to be hot. Texas is full of oil wells and rattle snakes. I am sure my A is having fun in his class. He seemed real tired when I talked to him and I think he is a little frustrated with the product he is learning. For some reason he expects things to work the way they are supposed to. Silly A

Anyway I hope he comes home soon but I don’t want to give up my spot on the couch. It he stays away much longer I am going to get the remote control too. Westminster Kennel club dog show is coming up I wonder if I can get my R to let me watch it. My A does not let me watch those things. He says dogs shows are for shallow dogs and since I am a mutt I am not allowed to compete. He does let me watch the field trials and Frisbee competitions. Too bad I don’t like Frisbees I could be an awesome Frisbee dog but I just don’t have the drive.

Well I have to head outside and get some barking practice in. Joey and I are working on a song. I am sure our Album will go platinum when we finally get it done. Joey is supposed to be finding us a recording studio.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Happy Birthday A

Today is my A’s Birthday. I want to get him something nice but I can not quite figure out what. I was going to get him a new seatbelt for the truck but he already has one of those so I don’t think he needs another on. I am racking my brains and can not figure out what to get him
I miss not having him around. There are some benefits though I get to sleep in all his spots. He has a really nice spot on the couch. I used to think I had the best spot but I tried his and I have to tell you his is the best. I also get to sleep in his spot on the bed. I think I am going to trade him my dog bed for his spot on the best. My dog bed is super comfortable and I think he will love it. He is going to have to like it because I am taking over his spot. I even took the step of putting his pillow on my dog bed this morning.
Ginger is sleeping over tonight. She is driving my R crazy. Puppies will do that. I of course was a great puppy but well as you know I am special. I never caused any issues although sometimes my A says I am responsible for his receding hairline. I doubt it though I think that is just genetics. He should really be blaming its maternal grandfather.
I do miss my lunch time walks when my A is not around. I wonder how Joey is doing. Hopefully my R will take me to visit Joey when she gets home tomorrow night.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


On Sat my R’s friend J came over and brought her new puppy Ginger. This now means my R’s friend J becomes Ginger’s J.
Anyway I got to meet Ginger. She is a 4 month old Airdale which her J got for Christmas. I guess people actually do get puppies for Christmas.
Ginger and I got to take a walk and we played with Fenway. My people even talked to Fenway’s C for a while. She has been on crutches for a while because she broke her ankle. It must stink to be on crutches and get a unicycle and roller blades for Christmas.
I have been telling Fenway that his C needs a good story for how she broke her ankle. I suggested she tell people she was having her brother tow her behind the family minivan on her rollerblades. Everything was fine till she hit the ramp to jump over the Volvo as soon as she cleared the Volvo she misjudged the landing and rode over a sewer grate on the roll out catching a blade. When she stopped to pull the blade out of the grate she kicked the curb out of frustration and broke her ankle. That is the story I would use if I were her.
After playing with Fenway, Ginger and I went back to my house and played some more. We were going to go see Joey but he was not home. Ginger is pretty cool. I did not want to say anything but she has glue on her ears. It looks kind of silly hopefully she will realize it soon and wash it out.

Don't worry an update is coming

Sorry I have been really busy lately and have not been able to update. I am shooting for about 3 updates a week. I will get one out tonight I promise.

I was going to do one last night but instead I decided to hang out outside and work on my barking for a couple of hours.

Friday, January 5, 2007

Slow Day

Today was pretty slow. My A had to go to Springfield for work so I did not get to take a walk at lunch. He has been pretty busy lately so I have not see Joey in a while. Today when My A got home we took a little walk and got I got to play with Joey. I love to play with Joey I am working up a counter to his head butt move. I think I almost have it figure out maybe if I see Fenway tomorrow I will try it out on him. When I was at Joey’s My A even played a little hockey with Joey’s K and R. He is getting pretty good at hockey too bad he can’t skate at all. I ride a unicycle better than my A skates. Playing with Joey definitely made up for sitting around all day.

Joey’s R pointed out that he did not receive a Stephen award. He is right he did not receive a Stephen award. He was very close but so many people in Joey’s family got awards that I did not want to show any favoritism. Don’t worry Joey’s R you are currently a front runner for a 2007 Stephen award. Perhaps you could build a pool for Joey and I to swim in that would be worth big points. A nice gunite in ground with a slide. Remember don’t get a vinyl liner because we can tear it with our claws. You don’t need to make it too deep either 5ft should suffice. We need to be able to jump off the sides but we don’t really need to be able to swim around underwater much. Remember we are don’t we don’t really enjoy diving underwater. I think building a pool would almost guarantee you a Stephen award.

Well that’s it for today I have big plans for tomorrow but you will need to wait till tomorrow to find out about them.

FYI check out today’s picture, in case you need help finding me I am the black dog sitting perfectly at attention. Take that Conner you punk!!!

Thursday, January 4, 2007

An Update is coming

Sorry it has been so long since my last update. I have been busy. This guy jack came along and sold me some beans. I ate them and I got huge. OK not really it is just an optical illusion nah that is not right either. Really I figured out how to use photo shop. WHoo Hooo photoshop. There has got to be a market for a dog who can use photoshop. I bet Conner can't even type. If you hear of anyone looking for a dog who can use photoshop please let me know. I still need $275 for the seatbelt incident.

P.S. Joey you still owe me $5.

Monday, January 1, 2007

The Envelope Please!!

Well the results for the 2006 Stephen awards are in. There were a lot of close races some even came down to the sack money. There really was not a lot of sack money. I figured this would be a much better fund raising event than it worked out to be. I am still $270 short on seatbelt money. Next year I think we are going to have one of those $1000/plate dinners that are so popular.

If you are interested in saving a place for next years Stephen awards send me an email at stephenthedog(at) Please let me know the number of people in your party and if you prefer beef or chicken. Sorry there will be no vegetarian option I eat meat you can eat meat too.

Ok now I am sure you all want to know the winners of the 2006 Stephen awards so here we go.

Best Turkey soup.
This was won easily by Sparky the fish’s K

Best Fudge
Joey’s S the fudge just kept getting better as you got to the bottom of the box. Congratulation to Joey’s S

Best Chili
This one was a tie between Duncan’s A and sparky’s K. This race was very very close and no clear winner could be chosen. The committee was equally split between these two chili titans. I also did not want to pick one or the other as better and risk having, either one of these two great artists give up chili. Feel free to make me chili anytime

Best Dog play move
This one goes to Joey for his full speed head butt from behind the house. It is a great move. Nice job Joey.

Best Slap shot.
Joey’s K.

Best Cookies
Fenway’s C

Best Hair cut

Most Authentic Hockey look
Joey’s R

Dog of the year
Norman. Norman actually got 100% of the votes thus becoming the 1st ever unanimous Stephen award winner.

While there were many people who came close to winning Stephen awards those names above where the only ones who were able to carry the ¾ majority vote required to receive a Stephen award. I like to point out that Drew was very close to a Stephen award but unfortunately we are not adding the best online journal category till at least next year.

Competition for 2007 Stephen awards starts Friday 1/5 so remember to always do your best out there. I am watching. Perhaps if you work really hard this year you will be able to join the prestigious brotherhood of Stephen award winners.

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