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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Give him a chance

My A went for a job interview in RI last week. The interview went really well and the job was pretty cool too. They finally got back to him the other day. Unfortunately they told him he was fully qualified and they really liked him but he did not have enough management/leadership experience.
What the heck is that my A can lead. He was Captain of the football and Tennis teams in High School, he was a patrol leader in Boy scouts. He leads all the time. I am a dog and Dogs we know leaders. Our whole social structure is based on leadership. I am the Alpha dog of my neighborhood which basically means I lead the neighborhood. However my A is my leader. I look up to the guy and try to make him happy. He just exudes leadership
I have no idea why they turned him down. Really management is something you learn on the job. No one is a great manager day one but you have to take a chance and let people learn those skills. My A could totally do that if they liked him, they should have hired him he would have worked him butt of to be successful because that is what he does.
I know from experience my A makes me work so hard at agility he is constantly striving to make me a better dog. Hopefully I am living up to his expectations although sometimes I think he sets the bar a little high. I am never going to be able to walk 20 miles in perfect heel position however I might learn how to play fetch.

It too bad because I am pretty sure my A would have taken the job. I think it was a pretty good opportunity. Oh well I guess he will just go back to his current job. On the plus side he can still come home to walk me at lunch. Maybe Joey’s people will be out tomorrow and we can play some hockey

Friday, February 16, 2007


I am the best hunter ever. That is right last night I was hanging out in my yard minding my own business when I heard this noise “squeek” “squeek” went the snow. I went over to investigate and did not see anything. So I went back to what I was doing. A couple mins later “squeek” “squeek” “squeek” “squeek” I went back over and jumped up on the snow.

The snow broke and there was a little mouse in there. He tried to run but I picked him up. He was really cool I called him Ted. I would let him go and he would run away and I would go and find him. I was really good at this game. Eventually my A came outside and saw me playing with Ted. He let me bring Ted inside to show my R. I don’t think my R was impressed she told my A to “Get that thing out of here!” So we went back out side and let Ted go. I was going to ask Ted if he wanted to sleep over since it is so nice and warm in my house and we had a fire going that night but I don’t think my R would have gone for it.

We said goodbye to Ted. As he was leaving he turned to me and said. “Stephen thanks for playing with me I was a little scared at 1st but once I figured out you were not going to eat me it was fun. Don’t worry about me I am a mouse and I will find a warm spot for the night. Maybe someday your R will let me stay over”

Hopefully I will see Ted again soon. He is fun to try to catch. Maybe next time I will just sneak him into the basement when my R is not looking.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Today is Daycare day. Man I love daycare day. I get to run around with all my friends like Scoober and Fenway. Sometime I pretend I am MAC. Mac is a Portuguese water dog who looks just like me only shorter. I walk around and talk in Portuguese. Hola me llamo MAC, donde esta la bibliotecha? It cracks everyone up.

Usually I know it is daycare day because my A gets up early and puts out the trash. When the trash goes out I know I am going to daycare so I will sit in front of the truck while my A puts the trash out.
It is now like 2pm my A left for work and my R is still home with me and I am still not at daycare. The trash is out through. What is the deal with these people don’t they know I am supposed to be at daycare. I have big plans for today. I have to finish my Valentines Day project for my R and Scoober and I were going to build a fort. It is going to be so cool with the snow. Hopefully they will let us outside when it rains they usually keep us inside but last time it snowed they let us outside. I love snow

I am going to catch a ton of snowflakes on my tongue. I am way better at catching snowflakes than my A. My A and I had a contest this morning and I beat him easily. What was he thinking I can drink a bowl of water with just my tongue he has to use a glass. How did he even expect to compete. He did manage to take a nice fall on the drive way trying to grab a snowflake. It was so funny to see him covered with snow he says he caught the flake but I think don’t think he did. I am pretty sure he was just trying to come up with an excuse for falling.
Hopefully they will take me to daycare soon. If any of you happen to see this please call my A and tell him to get me to Daycare. He is usually so good but I think he might have forgotten today. I wonder if he hit his head when he fell trying to catch that flake.

Thursday, February 8, 2007


Last night my A finally got his MRI done. This was his 3rd try the 1st two he had some issues with claustrophobia. Someday I think they will sand the claw marks out of the tube.

I am sure it was not easy for my A. I don’t think it would be super hard. I run through tunnels all the time in agility class. I really love the tunnel. I even let my A borrow my agility tunnel to practice for his MRI.

I had him lie on his back in my agility tunnel then I ran all around it barking. I tried to be as annoying as possible. I can be pretty annoying when I try. I wanted to make sure my tunnel was way worse than the MRI tunnel. I think I did a good job because my A got through it. He seems to think the 2 mg of Ativant were what did it. I think it was my MRI simulation, it is kind of tough to tell though when he came home he was talking to the chair. How silly is that the chair is not going to talk back. I’m a dog and even I know chairs don’t talk. He also kept bumping into stuff, I tried to help by herding him through the house I was doing great until I knocked him over. When he was on the ground I could not resist and just kept licking his head. I don’t know why I like that but I do.

Monday, February 5, 2007


Man it’s cold out there.

My A came home at lunch time today. It was really windy and cold out so he did not want to take me for a walk. I told him I wanted to go play with Joey and to see if Fenway was home. I have not seen those guys in a while. My A said that he had driven by Joey’s house and that Joey was not outside and that it was way too cold to walk to Fenway’s house. My A though Fenway would probably be inside since it was so cold outside.

I told my A that Fenway would be out and that I really wanted to take a walk and go check. I even went over and got a pair of gloves for my A. Anyway my A put on my leash and the gloves and we walked outside. Man it was cold out there. I think my tongue froze. When you are inside looking out a window it does not seem very cold. My A walked over to the truck open the passenger door and threw me in. We drove down to Fenway’s house and he was not out. We drove past Clyde’s and Joey’s no one was out probably because it was so cold. We drove around the neighborhood for a while and finally came back home.

My A is pretty smart it really was way to cold out there and he was right Fenway was not even outside.

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